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    May 29, 2014
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Specialties<br />Belgian Beers and Cooking with Beer! Flemish Traditional Favourites<br />History<br />Established in 2012<br />Cooking with beer! This concept is nothing new to Belgians who have <br />intrinsically mastered the flavors that come from cooking with local ales. <br />Pairing these culinary works with some of belgiums 1000 beers has been the envy of it's neighbours.We offer traditional Flemish ( Western Belgium ) favourites as well as the famous Moules & Frites in a cosy brasserie surrounded by the restaurants inspiration ,Belgiums most brilliant Surrealist artist Rene Ma
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A little bit of a let down
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Dined on 5/25/2014
Dined on 5/25/2014
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"We love going to Brasserie Magritte - usually the service is impeccable, on Sunday, May 25, not so much. We were a table of four - they only took our drink orders once (never came to see if we wanted refills on the 'unlimited' drinks). They charged for coffee, even though one of the patrons didn't drink - they didn't come to refill our waters, etc. This was my first blah dining experience at Brasserie Magritte. The restaurant wasn't busy so for them to not be attentive was disappointing. We gave less than a 20% tip because the experience should have been better than it was."
Dined on 5/25/2014
Special Features: great for brunch
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